Windsor Utilities Commission - George Avenue Reservoir Piping

1800mm Diameter Reinforced Fibreglass Piping

First ever used in Canada for potable water system

WUC Reservoir project is the first phase of a 30 million dollar new reservoir project on George Avenue. This advance piping work is to supply water from the water treatment plant to the new reservoir to allow the repair of existing reservoir built in 1949.  The new $2.3 million 1800mm diameter piping was to be installed in a tight corridor between the existing reservoir and CN Railway property.

Between WUC, D’Amore Construction, Corix Water Products, and RC Spencer we introduced an alternative product to be used due to the constricted space. Corix contacted their supplier Flowtite out of Zachary, Louisiana and worked on the proposal to use this alternative pipe. WUC, D’Amore and our firm went to Louisiana to see firsthand how this pipe is manufactured and the required installation procedures.  A significant savings was realized by WUC.  Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) is widely used in the United States and Europe for potable water systems.  This installation is the first in Canada. 












Windsor Utilities Commission Watermains


In the past 5 years RC Spencer Associates Inc. has completed over 50 kms of topographic surveys and associated baseplans for the Windsor Utilities Commission.  The team includes experienced watermain inspection personnel and a licensed operator, currently working under a 3 year contract with Windsor Utilities Commission.


RC Spencer Associates has also successfully completed (full services) the following projects:


· Pierre Avenue Watermain - 850m of 200mm diameter watermain

· Walker Road Corridor Improvements Phase 2A - Turner Road, 200m of watermain replacement

· Walker Road Corridor Improvement Phases 1 and 3A - 1200m of 300mm diameter watermain replacement

· Erie Street Watermain - 1140m of 100 year old feeder watermain replacement

· Riverside Drive Vista Phase 1 - 600m of watermain replacement

· McHugh Street Extension - 420m, including 140m of directional boring under Little River, of 500mm diameter feeder watermain


WUC George Avenue Reservoir 1
WUC George Avenue Reservoir 3
WUC George Avenue Reservoir 5
WUC George Avenue Reservoir 4
WUC George Avenue Reservoir 2
WUC Watermain 1

Detroit River Water Crossing to Boblo Island in the Town of Amherstburg


Being the Recommended Alternative from the Amherstburg Water Treatment Plant Expansion Environmental Assessment Study, HGS carried out final design engineering for the feeder main installation by horizontal directional drilling through bedrock across the Detroit River (2,000 feet) to Boblo Island.  HGS Limited was responsible for the design, contract administration and inspection services of this successful specialized project.

Detroit River Boblo Island Amherstburg 1
Detroit River Boblo Island Amherstburg 2
Amherstburg Water Main Replacement Program


This project consisted of watermain replacement on 4 separate and distinct areas of the Town.  A new 300mm diameter watermain is installed on both Lowes Sideroad and Simcoe Street, east of Fryer Street.  The Lowes Sideroad area is a scenic, historic area adjacent to the Detroit River, where tourism is a major concern.  The Simcoe Street watermain is approximately 1.5 kms in length and abuts both strip residential development as well as a major industrial operation, the Amherst Quarry.  This main arterial within both the Town and County is a major traffic thoroughfare and contains the main hydro fee for the south portion of the Town.  The remaining two areas, Fort Street and Balaclava Street, had a new 200mm diameter watermain installed complete with services and hydrants and are well established urban areas with mature tree growth, local residential streets complete with sidewalk and mature landscaping both abutting and within the municipal right of way.  Fort Street has a main Bell Canada duct structure within the south boulevard which feeds most of the south end of the Town and Balaclava Street has a fibre optic line within the west boulevard which is the Towns main feed.A total of approximately 3km of new watermain in 4 completely separate and distinct areas of Town made this project both unique and challenging.