Transportation / Planning Engineering

Leamington Uptown Master Plan:

RC Spencer Associates Inc. was retained to undertake the development of the Leamington Uptown Master Plan to establish a long-range vision and framework for the physical infrastructure needs of the Uptown as it develops. The plan was approved in 2018 and encourages pedestrian-oriented shopping facilities, a long-term beautification scheme, additional off-street parking, improved traffic circulation, and traffic control with emphasis on pedestrian and active transportation facilities. The result is a plan which provides “attractive and efficient choices for many people (pedestrian, bicycle or transit), in concert with automobiles and convenient and accessible parking”, and, which develops a fresh look for Uptown Leamington.

Trail and Pathway Projects:

RC Spencer Associates Inc. has been instrumental in the construction of several multi-use pathways and trails in the County of Essex. These projects are as follows:


CWATS County Road 2 (Old Tecumseh Road) Phase 1, 2 & 3

Town of Lakeshore (5.0 kms of Pathway)

CWATS County Road 20 Phase 1, 2 & 3

Municipality of Leamington (3.3 kms of Pathway)

CWATS County Road 20 Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4

Town of Kingsville (1.4 kms of Pathway)

Meloche Sideroad Multi-Use Path

Town of Amherstburg (1.2 kms of Pathway)

St. Clair Road Pathway Improvements Phase 1, 2 & 3

Town of Lakeshore (3.3 kms of Pathway)

Comber Park Trail

Town of Lakeshore (.4 kms of Trail)

Trans Canada Trail

Town of Lakeshore (7.0 kms of Trails)

CAF - Laird Avenue Reconstruction

(.75 kms of Trails)

CAF – Amherstburg Trails

(3 kms of Trails)

CAF – Amherstburg Gateways

(.5 kms of Trails)

Traffic Signalization of Oak/Wigle Intersection:

RC Spencer Associates Inc. provided design, contract administration and inspection for the reconstruction and signalization of this intersection in the Municipality of Leamington. The bicycle signal component of this intersection was the first of its kind in all of Essex County.

The intersection is a main access to two elementary schools with high pedestrian volumes requiring an exclusive pedestrian phase. The intersection required widening for a new exclusive left turn lane and for bicycle lanes, as recommended in Leamington’s Active Transportation Master Plan. The project also encompassed the implementation of 800m of bike lanes along Oak Street East, and the design of the traffic signal included considerations for bike-friendly infrastructure to accommodate users accessing the school grounds on bicycle.

The work carried out under this contract included the construction and wiring of traffic signals, ducts, poles, control cabinet, and streetlights. Excavation, boring, grading, and asphalt pavement restoration complete with pavement markings and curb and gutter restoration were also included in the scope of work. Traffic signal timings were developed and implemented, including audible pedestrian signals for the visually impaired, and bicycle signals accommodate heavy cycling traffic.

Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) and Active Transportation Facilities:

The Municipality of Leamington had several existing courtesy crossings and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings that required upgrading to the new provincial standard (Ontario Traffic Manual Book 15). RC Spencer Associates Inc. compiled an inventory of each crossing location for the purpose of removals and upgrades, assessed candidacy for each crossing, liaised with the various utility companies, and selected the appropriate pedestrian crossing treatment. Recommended configurations and details for the removal and reconstruction of each individual crossing were prepared, and the Municipality was provided with plans and details to tender for the reconstruction of the crossings, including various configurations of flashing lights, signs, and pavement markings in accordance with the new MTO crossing designs from Book 15.

Upgraded street lighting was an important aspect of the new configurations. Individual photometric assessments were completed at each location to meet the current RP-8 lighting design criteria.

The work carried out under this contract included the construction and wiring of PXOs, ducts, poles, controllers, and streetlights. Excavation, boring, grading, and asphalt pavement restoration complete with pavement markings and curb and gutter restoration were also included in the scope of work.

Design of the reconfiguration of the existing line painting to allow for bike lanes along 3.3 km. of municipal roadway was also within the scope of this project.

Traffic Data Analysis
Traffic Impact Studies:


Traffic Impact Studies have been completed for a number of recent and current developments in Windsor and Essex County, such as:


Lakeshore:  CIBC Banking and Financial Services Branch, located at the corner of County Rd 22 and Commercial Drive;

Kingsville:  Remark Farms, a residential subdivision, with 106 semi-detached and 85 single family homes located east of Jasperson Drive between Main Street and Road 2 East;

Windsor:  250 Tecumseh Road East (at McDougall) Commercial Plaza, comprised of the new Goodwill Industries warehouse and retail store, a retail plaza, fast food outlet, and other commercial land uses;

Tecumseh:  Valente - Zohil subdivisions, adjoining residential developments with 93 single family lots east of Lesperance Road near Gouin.

Leamington:  Princess Center Street Closure, located on Princess Street, between Setterington Street and Mill Street East.

Counts & Signal Design:

Turning movement counts and subsequent signal designs at Sherk/Seacliff, Clark/Erie, and Oak/Wigle intersections in Leamington, Ontario.

University of Windsor Cross Border Institute - Commercial Vehicle Detection:

RC Spencer Associates Inc. assisted the Cross Border Institute of the University of Windsor in installing five Remote Traffic Microwave Sensors along the approaches to and from the Ambassador Bridge, to collect data for research on commercial vehicle traffic patterns between Canada and the United States.

Traffic Analysis of Queen Elizabeth School & Ecole St. Michel:

The purpose of this study in Leamington was to review and make recommendations on:

• access to Queen Elizabeth School and Ecole St. Michel for school buses and 

   private vehicles dropping off and picking up students, for pedestrians, and for

   staff and visitors;

• traffic control at adjacent intersections;

• parking regulations on adjacent streets; and traffic signalization at the

   intersection of Oak Street East and Wigle Street.

Recommendations were made regarding school bus access, a new school bus loading zone, parent drop-off areas, new no parking zones, and traffic control at affected intersections. The plan has been accepted by both affected School Boards and is being implemented in conjunction with the consolidation of Queen Elizabeth and Mill Street Schools at the Queen Elizabeth site.