Amherstburg Sewer Separation
Amherstburg Infiltration/Inflow Removal and Sewer Separation


RC Spencer Associates Inc. assisted the Town of Amherstburg in applying for and securing funding from senior governments (under COMRIF) for this $3.75 million project.  RC Spencer Associates Inc. carried out preliminary and final design engineering, contract administration and inspection for sewer separation for 4 combined sewer areas in the Town along with sewer relining (using insertion renewal) of the Dalhousie Street trunk sanitary sewer. The sewer separation consisted of 5,100m of new trunk sanitary sewer, including 429 new sanitary sewer private drain connections as well as 4,000m of new trunk storm sewer. The relining project consisted of insertion of 400m of 760mm diameter sewer within an existing 1200 mm diameter sewer and 300m of 900mm diameter sewer conveying the flow though this existing trunk sewer by use of a temporary by-pass.

East Riverside Planning Area Stormwater Management and Flood Protection Plan

HGS Limited was part of a consultant team which carried out this study of approximately 780 acres bounded by the south side of Riverside Drive from Little River easterly to Clover Avenue.
As a result of low elevation of the northern part of the area and possibility of flooding from the lake during high water levels in Lake St. Clair/Little River through either lake water wind induced surge, or from overtopping of the Little River dykes, the area required a barrier land form and a pumped storm sewer system for protection from flooding.  
HGS Limited was the project consultant for the South Neighbourhood Subdivision of the Planning Area, carrying out the preliminary design of the stormwater management facility, barrier land form system and flood protection storage area.

Sandwich South Employment Lands
Sandwich South Employment Lands - Phase 2 Stages 1, 2A, 2B - Trunk Sanitary Sewer - Little River PCP to CNR

RC Spencer Associates Inc. provided final design, tendering, contract administration and inspection services for the construction of 1900m of 2100mm diameter trunk sanitary sewer including 17 manhole structures, resulting in the twinning of the existing Forest Glade trunk sanitary sewer at a cost of $5.0 million (3 contracts).